Blending Country and Disco 

Courtesy of Nashville Socialite:

"Get ready to groove! Coming off the heels of her widely successful single "Just Like," Carrie Cunningham is picking up the tempo with her new disco-themed country single titled "Habit," and listeners are already raving…


Why am I toting a Donna Summer Purse? 


When my co-writer, Christen Cooper and I got together for our writing session  last May, we were a few months into Covid.  Like everybody else, we were worried about how this would impact the world and how we were going to survive with everything shutting down. 

Well, the more we started talking, the more we started to form an idea around what we were talking about.  Not sure what exactly what Christen was saying at the exact moment, but she followed it by saying "That's what happy is to me".  I got…

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When you have a friend... 

Back in the 90's,  country music was pretty much on every station.  At least that is how I portrayed it.  I was in bands and singing competitions and I had a variety of great music to choose from.  Shania, Trisha Yearwood, Patty Loveless, Pam Tillis , Lori Morgan, Reba, and of course there was Garth, King George, and Clay walker.  The list goes on and on.

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Mother's Day is coming...

 This can be a tough time for many. 

I had a very verbal and physically abusive step mother and a biological mother who wasn't in the picture. 

But the Lord blessed me with Marilyn. 

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