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Unleash Your Inner Disco Diva with Carrie Cunningham's New Single "Habit"


"Habit" by Carrie Cunningham seamlessly blends country and disco, offering a retro toe-tapping beat and a chorus that’ll linger in your mind all day. Carrie’s energetic, distinctive, and melodic voice carries the song, while the lyrics explore the addictive nature of a person, turning them into a habit. It’s a catchy and engaging tune that effortlessly combines different genres and leaves a lasting impression....

This track encapsulates the heady rush of infatuation and longing as it explores the intensity of desire and the irresistible pull of a burgeoning romance. The chorus reinforces the addictive nature of love, making it a compelling anthem for those caught in the throes of passion. In all, this single promises to resonate with listeners seeking a catchy tune to reinforce the intoxicating pull of romance...

Is Carrie Cunningham's 'Habit' the Ultimate Disco-Country Anthem?


Our answer is Yes!


Coming off the heels of her widely successful single "Just Like," Carrie Cunningham is picking up the tempo with her new disco-themed country single titled "Habit," and listeners are already raving about it....


They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway’, but that isn’t just true for New York City. Nashville recording artist Carrie Cunningham has been shining bright with the delivery of her showgirl series…”

— Music City Melodies

Musically daring and more interesting than a traditional three chord country singer, Carrie is not unlike a Modern Day Bobby Gentry” - Jim K- Guitartist for Reba
Just A Bar Thing” has everything you want in a country track. It’s infectious, the lyrics are flirtatious, it’s an impossible task not to tap your foot along to the beat.” - About the Noise Magazine
What can you call Carrie Cunningham? She has a style all of her own, almost a musical chameleon. We've rocked, we've danced , we've chilled and now we've a sumptuous track to just about sum up an artists tour de force with her latest diamond 'Nothing Says it Best” - Richard Dales Coupland- Zetland Fm Country- UK