Welcomes Carrie Cunningham!

You're nobody until you're somebody... 

Yeah, I really hate that phrase, but it gets thrown around all too often.  What classifies you as "somebody" in anybody's eyes?  Let's look at it from a musician/vocalist prospective.  When it comes to being a musician or a vocalist, some folks, or media, consider you a "somebody" if you have been on one of those reality TV shows,  or if the Community newspaper gets behind your or even if you are buddy buddy with someone on your current radio station.  But let's get real.  Who you know doesn't make you who… Read more

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Callahan/Cunningham: One stage, One night

Corky's ribs and BBQ, 100 Franklin Road, Brentwood, TN


My friend and co-writer, Jim Callahan and I, will be performing and acoustic set starting at 6pm. Stick around for more great music and food with Taylor Dukes after our performance!

Age limit: All ages