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  • Beautiful morning!!
    Beautiful morning!!
  • Mmmm lamb!!!
    Mmmm lamb!!!
  • Happy birthday to me!
    Happy birthday to me!
  • My boys being silly
    My boys being silly

Ten years later.... 

Happy Halloween. I want to tell you a scary story with a happy ending. Ten years ago, there was a horrific murder which occurred in North Idaho. There was a man who stalked a house with three kids, a mother and step father. He stalked them for a week, watching them come and go, and plan for a big party. This family lived near a campsite semi secluded, just outside of Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. The night after they had their party, he went in for the kill. I won't tell you all the graphic details that I know…

Sunday Morning 

Sunday reading: This morning my 4 year old son and I got ready to go to church, only to find that we can't find our keys to the car. I told him that we could not go today, and you know how children can get when they are disappointed. This did not settle well with him. He asked if we could walk there instead. I told him it was too far, but we could walk to one of the many churches in our neighborhood. He liked that idea, so we put on the rain boots and grabbed two umbrellas (it's raining). We started…